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Miesto pre propagáciu aktivít Slovákov v zahraničí, priestor pre organizovanie stretávok

Wholesale Jerseys Paypal mp241swj

Poslaťod god7manu55 » 17 Júl 2017 11:35

This country full of joke and bluff. Imagine de leaders of this country tek out a mortgage pun Skeldon—a US$200 million mortgage and dem start paying back and de factory ain’t wukking yet. Is like tekking out a mortgage pun a house and paying back de mortgage and still can’t live in de house.Dem boys seh that is de same thing Jagdeo and Brazzy do to Guyana when dem tek de money fuh de Skeldon sugar factory.  But when dem friends did tek de mortgage pun de Berbice Bridge dem mek sure that dem same friends get dem interest even before de Bridge did build. That is wha everybody know as self-interest.Dem boys seh that de two big Bees already tek out a huge mortgage,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Authentic, this time fuh de hydro. That mortgage shoulda done sign already but nuff thing gone wrang. People get set up again. Dem gun deh paying back de mortgage and de road ain’t gun even done much less de hydro dam.In some country,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, people does go to jail fuh things like that. Some people already collecting money pun de Marriott and that is one project wha people don’t even know who invest in it and who own it.  Dem know who mekking de furniture and who got de contract fuh de kitchen.That is smart investment. When is taxpayer money people ain’t got to worry about mekking a profit. When is thiefing money is a different story. Kimbia can’t attract thiefing money suh de Transport people got to beg fuh get de wuk done. And Brazzy ain’t even pick he teeth because he can’t get money from that project. All de project that he can get money from involve feasibility study.He didn’t even waste time wid a feasibility study wid de Transport project.Talk half and wait fuh more mortgage.
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