Shannon Sharpe Broncos Jersey unblmp0w

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Shannon Sharpe Broncos Jersey unblmp0w

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Scampish and thiefing politicians don’t like certain types of people. Dem don’t like media people who criticize and expose dem wrongdoing.Dem don’t like de auditors who got to check dem books,especially de Auditor General. When Jagdeo been in power he mess up de media. He insult nuff reporters and even ban one of dem from going to State House and Ohh Pee.He cuss down de Waterfalls paper because it expose all he scampish and dutty deal. He cuss down de Auditor General fuh not keeping quiet about de loopholes he found.Dem boys seh we get a new govt wid de same old Auditor General and de same set of media houses. De govt cussing de media houses among demself.  That is how Jagdeo did start off till he get in de open like dem bad hooman. He still deh in de open but now he behaving wuss than dem bad hooman.De new Finance Minister,who baptise by de River of Jordan,start cuss down de Auditor General. And de man ain’t do him nutten. De man just talk that he tek money out de Treasury when he not suppose to. He jump and seh he don’t have to explain to de man.Is that same language Jagdeo use that got he and he whole crew in de opposition. He was somebody who use to tell people that got to approve wha come out dem mouth and also wha dem put pun paper. De Auditor General was one.Jordan believe he is Jagdeo. Of course he use to wuk in that same Finance Ministry wid Jagdeo. Dem boys want to believe that his actions and words is something that rub off from Jagdeo. De only thing is that he name ain’t call in no overseas bank account,yet.But dem got a lot of people name calling wid some fancy figure in dem accounts.  Dem boys plan to expose dem figures one by one very soon. Uncle Sam got all de information and dem don’t hide scampishness.Nuff of dem BT cutting spike nail when dem hear Guyana sign on to de money-sharing information.Talk half and watch fuh see how dem boys gun get de last laugh.
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