Kenny Stabler Raiders Jersey tozwn3ip

Miesto pre propagáciu aktivít Slovákov v zahraničí, priestor pre organizovanie stretávok

Kenny Stabler Raiders Jersey tozwn3ip

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When you eye pass people is a bad thing. It even more bad when you eye pass people wid small eye and Guyana got nuff small eye people. Soulja Bai know some of dem.When de airport project come on stream all some people was doing was calculate how much money dem gun mek.Dem miss out wid de Marriott because Brazzy,Atlanta Braves Kurt Suzuki Jersey, that fat crook,Matt Holliday Jersey, tek he cut or he get cut. None body couldn’t get anything from that project—not a coolie man or a black man nor a buck man. Was sheer Chinee man.BK and Toolsie seh that can’t happen this time wid de airport project. Dem boys hear dem project how much billion dem gun mek although de project cost millions.Dem boys seh that BK and Toolsie should have tek hint. When dem start de project,Atlanta Braves Sean Rodriguez Jersey, BaiShanLin presence was there in every way shape or form.Dem boys hear BaiShaiLin not only trucking de sand and lumber fuh de airport project. Dem also trucking de stone from Suriname.And all this is because de Chinee people seh BK and Toolsie stones small,Cleveland Indians Austin Jackson Jersey, soft and too expensive. De Suriname stones big,Arizona Diamondbacks Jorge De La Rosa Jersey, hard and cheaper than all de stones in Guyana.And while on stones dem boys remember de other day when Jagdeo and Brazzy invite dem to a wedding. De reception was at de Marriott.Dem boys walk up to de door and dem see two doors. One mark GROOM RELATIVES,Jung-ho Kang Jersey, de other,Houston Astros Norichika Aoki Jersey, BRIDE RELATIVE.Dem boys entered the second one,Chris Carter Jersey, bride relative. Dem see another door: MALE OR FEMALE. Dem go in de door mark FEMALE.Dem see another door 1. WITH GIFT 2. WITHOUT GIFT.Dem boys look at demself twice and none of dem had any gift suh dem enter de door wha mark “WITHOUT GIFT”. To dem boys greatest surprise dem find demself outside de Marriott.Was Jagdeo and Brassington secret wedding. Donald the Dumb was de Best Man.Talk half and hope dem boys strengthen dem stones.
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