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Dick Butkus Bears Jersey vk0rdqi0

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By Latoya Giles Police Constable Mark Cameron,Houston Astros Norichika Aoki Jersey, one of the witnesses called yesterday, as the Linden Commission Inquiry continued, was the only officer who remembers that there was a blackout at 22:00hrs on July 18, when other witnesses said it was earlier.Cameron is also the only officer who said that the Wismar Mackenzie Bridge was cleared at around 17:00hrs on July 18,Philadelphia Phillies Michael Saunders Jersey, after teargas was dispersed at the crowd.Cameron responding to questions from Euclin Gomes,Jamie Garcia Jersey, said that on the day in question he was the driver of one of the vehicles. He said that he was stationed at the Mackenzie Police Station attached to the crime unit and participated in the operations relating to the unrest at Linden. He was not armed with any weapon that day.The witness said that on July 18,Tyler Clippard Jersey, he left the Mackenzie station around 14:00hrs. He said he was accompanied by nine other officers in the vehicle and it was Station Sergeant English who was in charge. Cameron said that he arrived at the scene but did not cross the bridge.He told the commission that he was between the two line formations with the ranks from the riot and TSU units. He said those units were formed by Asst. Supt Patrick Todd. Cameron said that he was on the eastern side of the bridge.The witness said it was Assistant Superintendent Todd who later told him to go back to the force vehicle and remain there,Travis Shaw Jersey, and he complied. Cameron said that he heard ASP Todd use the loudhailer warning the crowd to remove from the bridge and go back to their homes.According to Cameron the crowd did not heed the officer’s warning and began to throw “brown and green” bottles towards the ranks, but none hit them. He said that was about 16:00hrs. Cameron insisted that he was at the back of the vehicle which was about 100 feet away.  Asked whether he knew the weapons some of the ranks took to the bridge. Cameron said that some had the CP Rifles and shotguns. The witness further told the commission that he maintained his position after the tear smoke was being thrown.According to Cameron the crowd “later removed and they returned to the station”. The witness was then asked by the lawyer whether he handed anything back when he arrived at the station. Cameron said that he handed over to English two hand tear smoke canisters which were issued to him by the same English.Commissioner Dana Seethal asked Cameron if he lived in Linden. According to the witness he lived in the mining town for some 26 years. She then inquired if his nickname was “Cammy” and he denied.She then asked if he had heard anyone on July 18 say to him “Cammy you shooting down ya own people…ya shooting down black people”,Jon Niese Jersey, the witness said he could not recall. He was then asked if there was any other officer present by the name of Cameron. The witness said no.The witness was then asked if he knew anyone who had the nickname “Cammy” and he again said no.Commissioner Seethal then inquired from Cameron whether “tear gas” was being armed,Detroit Tigers Alex Avila Jersey, and he said no. Cameron was then asked if he heard any shots. According to the witness he heard three explosions on the western side of the bridge.Commissioner KD Knights also grilled the witness about several aspects of his testimony. Commissioner Knights sought to establish from the witness the purpose for his being given two tear smoke canisters. According to Cameron it was for the crowd dispersal.He was then asked whether the tear gas canisters were capable of being discharged without a gun, and he said no.  But in the same breath he told the commissioner that the two tear gas canisters were “hand canisters”.Cameron admitted to Commissioner Knight that he kept his distance for the entire day. The witness was then asked if he saw anyone with weapons besides the police and he said no. He was then asked if he saw injured persons being moved away from the scene,Oakland Athletics Matt Joyce Jersey, and he responded in the affirmative.He said that it was around 17:00hrs when he saw several persons being moved. Commissioner Knights then asked Cameron if he would be surprised to hear that he was the only witness who said that the bridge was cleared after tear gas was thrown. He said that he would not be surprised. He was then asked if he had made an error since he would be surprised that he alone said so,Oakland Athletics Alejandro De Aza Jersey, but Cameron said that he was not mistaken and that he did not make an error.Attorney at law Nigel Hughes in cross examining the witness first asked whether he was placed on close arrest. Cameron denied this claim. He was then asked if he was briefed by Commander Hicken and he said that was about 14:00hrs on July 18 and it lasted for about five minutes. He was asked if he remembered what Hicken told him. Cameron said that it was relation to duties at the bridge.He was then asked by Hughes, whether the commander had given him a “mission”. The man denied this claim. The witness said that he could not remember what were the duties given to him by Hicken but that he remembered the duties which were given to him by ASP Todd.Hughes then asked if they were different from Hicken and he said yes. The lawyer then asked Cameron in what regard were they different. The witness had a five minute pause. Commissioner Justice Wolfe asked, “Mr. Cameron are you going to answer …you appear to not be here”. Cameron said that Todd “told me to stand there, but I can’t remember what Hicken said.”
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