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Miesto pre propagáciu aktivít Slovákov v zahraničí, priestor pre organizovanie stretávok

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Poslaťod god5mane98 » 17 Júl 2017 14:03

If de ERC was in action it woulda deal wid de Waterfalls paper. And at this elections time,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, it woulda be a serious charge because it inciting. People woulda claim is racism. One man pick up de papers and see African kill Eccles man.Well de man tek de thing suh serious that he call he wife and children fun tell dem de news. Is a good thing he wife coulda read but she and all had problems because she see Africanised bees and she think that de bees was short form fuh blacks.De son tell dem is bees from Africa but that didn’t change de situation. People want to know why these bees had to go to Eccles and dem kill a man.If de story was inside then people mightn’t tek notice but is a big bold headline suh it had to be that de Waterfalls paper sending a message. De Big Market paper didn’t have anything and de other one only claim that de man unconscious.Joke aside,NFL Jerseys Cheap, people like live wid trouble. Dem boys read how a man live wid a camoodie in he house and only know de danger when de snake kill he baby. Some other people keep tiger till it bite dem and one man had de nerve fuh put he head in alligator mouth. Thank Heavens he head hard.People does do funny things. De people at Eccles had these bees living in dem house fuh years. Then somebody spray insecticide. All dem bees from all dem house get mad. Is now dem frighten and all this coulda be avoided.Talk half. Lef half.
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