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Miesto pre propagáciu aktivít Slovákov v zahraničí, priestor pre organizovanie stretávok

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An Agricola business couple is seriously considering closing down their business for goodAngela Shibcharran displays the stitches she received for the gun butt wound she sustained during Saturday’s bandit attack.following a horrifying encounter with armed bandits last weekend.Dennis Shibcharran, and his wife,Evan Engram Jersey, Angela, were subjected to a severe beating at the hands of four men who stormed their property at 41 Brutus Street, Agricola around 19:50 hours on Saturday.Angela Shibcharran was rendered unconscious throughout the ordeal while her husband was brutally beaten about his body even as he and his 12-year-old daughter were forced to lie on the floor in the lower flat of their two-storey house.“When I open the door and I see de man dem, I just say tek all wah y’all want and go. All I feel is a knock in me head and I go down pon de ground. Me ain’t known nothing more,Wholesale Jerseys Group,” Mrs. Shibcharran said.Her husband said that he was inside,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, at the back of his property after closing his business for the day.  While coming to the front he saw a man clad in what appeared to be a military uniform.“I told my wife,Authentic Kyle Korver Hawks Jersey, soldiers in the house,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, so she said ‘Dennis let us open the door and let them come in because we do clean business’,” Shibcharran recalled.Their assessment was totally wrong for when they opened their front door,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, three other men with guns barged in.The men pushed him back into the building and began beating him, while demanding cash and jewellery.“My wife tell them that we don’t wear jewellery, and they tell she shut up. They kick she and lash she in she head with the gun and buss it up,” the businessman told Kaieteur News. The men kept demanding money from him,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2016, he added.According to Shibcharran, he had some money in his pockets and he gave it to one of the men, but they were still not satisfied.They even bit off his married ring before taking him upstairs in search of more valuables.He said that the men terrorized him by inflicting small cuts behind his neck with a knife but thankfully the cuts were superficial and did not cause much damage.But from all appearances time was running out on the bandits and before they could force the businessman into an upstairs bedroom they hurriedly aborted their mission.“When we were approaching the bedroom, another one say ‘May Day! May Day!’ And he leave me and come downstairs back and then they went out the house and jump the back fence.”He said that shortly after,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, the police arrived on the scene.Shibcharran believes that divine intervention saved him and his family from further punishment at the hands of the bandits.“I was pleading the blood of Jesus and they heard me. They were angry when they were beating me but like God just come in their midst and I thankful for that so we could continue living. I thankful that God keep the door open because they would’a beat we more,Wholesale Jerseys,” he explained.The business couple said that this is the fifth time that their business has suffered as a result of criminal activity.“When we don’t deh home they use to break the house but this is the first time that we come face to face with them,” Angela Shibcharran explained.Although the attack has left an indelible scar in the minds of the family, the most traumatized is Shibcharran’s daughter who watched the bandits beat her parents and even forced her to lie on the floor throughout the ordeal.“We might got to close down the business and live a normal life and go and look for a job because we like targets. Is too much debt you does end up in,” Angela Shibcharran said.
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