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Former Beauty Queen Carolan lynch,  who the police has fruitlessly been after for the last three years,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, plans to turn herself in today to face the murder charge relating to the death of her husband,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, former Swiss House Cambio Managing Director,Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched, Farouk Razac.Lynch has been on the run ever since the Director of Public Prosecutions had recommended that the murder charge be reinstituted against her. The first charge had been discharged by a city magistrate.In a statement issued to this publication, Lynch, who once held the title of Mrs. South America, announced her intentions to come forth to face the charges in what she hopes will be a speedy court hearing. Lynch, who maintains her innocence, made her intentions clear as she indicated that she is surrendering so that she can clear her name.“I am pleading for a speedy hearing so that I can again attempt to put these false accusations behind me once and for all. I am willingly turning myself over to the Guyana Police Force and I am asking that members of the public be vigilant because I have no faith, confidence or trust that my Preliminary Inquiry will be expedited in an attempt to keep me locked up,” Lynch stated.“I am determined to clear my name. I am determined to ensure that my daughter grows up knowing that her mom is innocent and is being victimized, wrongfully accused and targeted,” Lynch added.Murder,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, charge and discharge Reports indicate that in 2007, on May 7, Lynch discovered her husband’s lifeless body lying on the bedroom floor of their 106 Ireng Place, Bel Air Park, Georgetown,NFL Jerseys Outlet, residence.  Razac was purportedly found with blood oozing from his mouth.The post mortem showed that the businessman died as a result of “asphyxiation (suffocation) due to possible ligature strangulation.”Four days later Carolan was charged with his murder. In 2008 the Preliminary Inquiry ended with Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys discharging the accused, citing that the Prosecution had failed to establish a Prima Facie case of murder against her. Failure to re-institute murder charge After the perusal of the file by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), instructions were given for the charge to be reinstituted against Lynch who had by then “fled the jurisdiction.” Since the discharge in 2008, the reinstituted charge is yet to be read to the former beauty queen.On November 7, 2010, after she failed to appear before Chief Magistrate, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on three occasions for the charge to be re-read to her, an arrest warrant was issued.Even with the arrest warrant and subsequent wanted bulletins being published, Roraima Airways later confirmed that she had been working with the company as a Manager at the Arrow Point Resort up the Demerara River. However, proprietor Gerry Gouveia had claimed ignorance to the fact that Lynch was wanted by the police.When the police got wind of her whereabouts and attempted to apprehend her at Arrow Point,Wholesale Jerseys China, she had already reportedly fled the scene. Lynch claims innocence In her statement, Lynch shed some light on the reasons for her flight. “There was absolutely nothing that could have been done to erase the damage that was caused to my character, my reputation and my good name. I tried desperately to move on with my life for the sake of my daughter and my family.”“Then in September of 2013, I was informed that the Guyana Police Force had issued a second wanted bulletin for me in relation to the alleged murder of my husband. The nightmare that started in 2007 is still clearly not over as yet. How could I be wanted again for a murder when a Magistrate already found that there was insufficient evidence against me?” Lynch questioned.“My daughter was deprived of her mother’s love and care for about one year as I sat languishing in the New Amsterdam Prison on remand facing a framed up charge for murder.”In the release,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Lynch insisted that she did not kill her husband and added that she feels she is being victimized by persons who framed her. “At all times I had publicly maintained my innocence. Approximately one year later in 2008, I was discharged by the learned Magistrate who found that there was insufficient evidence presented by the Prosecution to commit me to stand trial for murder. I felt vindicated. I did not kill my husband.”According to Lynch, those years of her life could not possibly be erased. “My life is again going to be placed on hold as certain vindictive and malicious people are again attempting to institute another charge of murder against me.”Public IndulgenceLynch added that she has documents which she will make public so that there can be records of what transpired during the previous Preliminary Inquiry.She expressed the desire for public indulgence, “I would like my plight to be accurately communicated to the public. The people of Guyana need to know that I am being treated unjustly and unfairly.”“I have copies of the Court records of the first Preliminary Inquiry that I will make available so that the public can see that there was absolutely no evidence against me .The public can see what these witnesses said before so that a comparison can be made with whatever these people are now coming to say,” Lynch said.Lynch has unveiled some of her fears in the matter “My biggest fear is that these vindictive and malicious people who are out to get me will stop at nothing and may even be willing to fabricate things now, some seven years later to see me go to jail for a crime I did not commit. “She ended her statement on a high note stating that “I am confident that I will again be discharged because I am innocent. I loved my husband dearly and our beautiful family. My only regret in handing myself over to the authorities is that I will be away from my daughter for a period of time that is still undetermined.”
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