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The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is paying keen attention to matters related to the possiblePPP General Secretary,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Clement RoheePro-democracy alliance between A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC).This was made clear as the Party held its most recent press conference at Freedom House,NFL Jerseys Authentic, Robb Street Georgetown.The press conference was hosted by General Secretary,Nike Air Max 95 For Sale, Clement Rohee. At that forum, Rohee dedicated an entire press statement to address the cons of an AFC APNU alliance. He said that his Party has been noting the ongoing “political meandering” between the AFC and APNU on the issue of the formation of a pre-election pro-democracy alliance.Based on all the “notes” PPP has been making over the past few weeks, Rohee has been able to point out that “one bone of contention seems to be who should lead the alliance.”The General Secretary said that it appears as if the AFC is “determined to have the number one spot in the presidential race even though it is by far the most junior party in terms of membership and influence.”Rohee added that the “Leader or Nothing advanced by the AFC” reminds the PPP of the stance adopted by the People National Congress (PNC) Founder Leader,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, Forbes Burnham during the mid-1950s “when he made a grab for the leadership of the PPP.”Speaking as if he was privy to inside information, Rohee said that the PNC is in a “serious dilemma on how to treat with the demand made by the AFC. Indeed,NFL Jerseys Supply, it certainly would have a lot of explaining of its sell out position to its membership.  This would be seen not only as spineless on the part of Granger and the leadership of the PNC,Cheap Jerseys, but also as a sell out to the AFC which has a mere seven seats in Parliament as opposed to the PNC’s 26.”Rohee told the media that the AFC would not escape the “wrath” of its membership and supporters for reneging on an earlier commitment that it will never enter into any electoral alliance with the PNC.The General Secretary then put on his historian cap to say that Guyana does not have a good record when it comes to coalition politics as the “first coalition government involving the PNC and the United Force (UF) ended in an abysmal failure even though the coalition succeeded in the removal of the PPP from office in 1964.”Rohee said that it is “interesting to see how these secret talks will play out.” He questioned “Would the APNU play second fiddle to the AFC which apart from being the new kid on the block is lacking in seniority and mass appeal?”Asked why the keen interest in the internal affairs of APNU and AFC, especially with regards to the possible alliance, Rohee said that that is what politicians do.Pointed to the fact that no other political Party bothered to pay such keen attention to the PPP’s internal affairs, Rohee said that this is so because the other parties lack capacity to analyze what is happening in the PPP and are too busy with their internal ramblings.
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