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– some sugar workers will be made redundant Government has confirmed that the country’s poorest performing sugar factory at Wales,wholesale nfl jerseys, West Bank Demerara will be closed this year-end with some staffers to be taken up by the Uitvlugt estate.Wales is by far the worst performing sugar estate in the country, Government says. It will be closed this year-end.The new administration had been hinting at the closure of the Wales estate since last year. It was even mentioned in the report by the Commission of Inquiry which is currently being studied by the administration.Cost-cutting is one of the key actions for the industry which has been facing tough times over the last decade, especially.Despite racking up billions of dollars in losses annually, the new administration is not biting the bullet and heeding calls to close the sugar industry,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, which currently boasts around 16,000 workers across the coastlands in Berbice and Demerara.Yesterday, a release from the Government said that the Ministry of Agriculture acknowledged that the investment required to refurbish the Wales estate remains significant, with the finances simply not available.“Diverting funds from the other estates to keep Wales afloat would seriously jeopardize the future of these estates.  This cannot be allowed to happen. It is impossible to make sugar production at Wales viable. This is made worse by the gloomy outlook for sugar prices for the foreseeable future.”This year, Wales estate is projected to make a loss of between $1.6Nillion and $1.9 Billion.“This coupled with the extent of refurbishment needed renders this estate prohibitively costly to maintain.”To protect the other estates, Government said that the state-owned Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) has no alternative but to take a number of immediate actions.There will be no land preparation and planting this year. As cane is harvested, the land would be retired and held for other diversification ventures.However, Government noted that the Wales factory would operate throughout 2016 milling both the estate and farmers’ canes.The West Demerara estate has been buying a significant amount of cane from private farmers, mainly coming from Canal Polders area and from cooperatives.The factory will finally shut its gates to operations at the end of the second crop for this year.Uitvlugt to Mill“With effect from 2017, farmers’ canes will be milled at the Uitvlugt factory.  During this year the routing of the farmers’ canes to Uitvlugt would be determined to ensure the least additional cost.”The Government statement also noted that agricultural workers at Wales will be absorbed by Uitvlugt up to the extent of suitable vacancies on that location.  “Surplus labour would have to be made redundant.”Staffers from other departments will be affected the same way. The statement did not give a number of staffers that will likely be affected.GuySuCo, the statement said, will be exploring the feasibility of alternative ventures utilizing the Wales lands.“The important criteria for such projects would be wealth creation and employment generation.  It is hoped that the first of such projects could commence by October 1, 2016.”GuySuCo noted that the intended closure of Wales estate has nothing to do with the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the sugar industry, “though the COI report does make reference to the corporation’s plans for 2016″.Rather, the plan to close together with other initiatives, is contained in GuySuCo’s budget and 2016 Action Plan.“In the ensuing weeks, other initiatives would be implemented which are aimed at reducing costs and losses, increasing efficiency and improving sugar production, revenue and cash generations so as to ensure a more effective management of the Corporation’s resources,” the Government statement said.Once the bigger foreign currency earner for the country, sugar has fallen with the estates in dire need of retooling and agricultural practices in the fields falling behind requirements.Workers have been leaving too for greener pastures.The David Granger administration had vowed actions in the lead-up to last year’s early general elections, immediately moving to appoint a Commission of Inquiry.The industry managed,Authentic Jerseys From China, last year, to surpass the original annual target for the first time in over a decade.    However,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the industry still owes billions to creditors, including banks and suppliers. Its cost for producing sugar is double its export price.A new factory at Skeldon along with expanded cultivation, failed to kick-off despite the US$200M spent. The cost to keep that new factory up and running had been a drain on GuySuCo, the new administration has said.Poor WalesYesterday,Cheap Jerseys From China Outlet, the statement said that the parlous state of the sugar industry is common knowledge.  The new Board of Directors and the Interim Management Committee,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, appointed in July and June respectively, were charged with bringing a “greater level of discipline” to bear on the financial operations of the business.“The team confirmed the Government’s worse fears that the plight of the industry was indeed dire. It was felt for many years, moreso over the past ten years, that the corporation was diverting scarce resources from the estates to assist with the financing of the new Skeldon project.”In making its case for Wales’ closure this year, Government said that it is a fact that GuySuCo was denying the high performing estates funding as they propped up the poorly performing ones.“The result was a general decline in performance, production and financial, across the industry.The practice of diverting scarce funds from the good estates to keep the poor performers in operation can no longer be tolerated as the survivability of these estates could not now be guaranteed. Wales is by far the estate in poorest shape.”With regard to Wales estates, the statement said that 60 percent of the drainage and irrigation is run down with 75 percent of the bridges in poor shape.Cultivation in the cane-fields there is also in poor condition. The factory is old and in need of major investment.
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